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There are many reasons a person buys art.  For some it’s the status of what they paid for a piece, or it might be that the artist is very well known and the buyer wants to be known or noticed as having one of this “well known” artists paintings.  Some people buy art because they like the way hand painted art makes their home feel more like home.  It might give their home a personal touch.  And there are some people who buy art because they like a certain subject, color, and style that makes them feel good.  It might even tell a story to others; “this is who I am.’  For what ever reason, art is a unique expression and expresses something for everyone.

 My whole view of how unique each of us are changed while attending my Grandson’s Open House for his 12 week Art Class.  The experience touched me in a way that it not only changed my own validation of my creative side, but also the way I view each person I meet and know in my life.  Let me tell you why.  There were at least 16 participants in my Grandson’s class.  At each class, the art teacher presented a subject at the front of the room and instructed the students to paint it.  There were not any restrictions except to have fun.  They each had access to any color, any size brush and their own choice of a size of canvas.  I didn’t know any of the details here, until I spoke to the art teacher.  But what I observed as I went to each student’s art work was amazing.  The art was displayed on tables side be side.  Each artist’s artwork was positioned together. Then the next artists and so on.  What amazed me is each individual artist had their own unique style.  Yes, even at the young ages between 9-12.  As I walked up to one artist, I saw the similar color palette.  Which showed me they were each drawn to colors consistently.  Their form on the canvas had continuity.  They either took very little of the canvas or the whole thing.  But it was consistent with each subject they created.  For my Grandson’s paintings, I noticed a color of orange and a blue that came through with each painting assignment.  For his neighboring student artists, they each had their own theme and style. 

What still resonates “big time” in my mind, is how each student without any instruction at all created with such uniqueness consistently.  To all my fellow artists, and to anyone reading this post :  WE TRULY ARE UNIQUE.  No matter how much we try to paint like someone else, or be like someone else we are one of kind uniquely created!  This has encouraged me in my own life whether it is in my painting, or in other areas of my life to “Be “!!  Be who you are. The key is to listen to your inner voice—the positive ones!   Be still and listen to those promptings and intuitions that bring you joy.  Follow them, live life from them.  I promise you will produce your best work and live your best life when you act from this place of stillness and joy.

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