How Clear is Your Picture?


Clear about Color


Do you ever question which path to follow?  In general, Artists have many choices of which path to take with their art, but the one that matters the most is our task at hand:  What painting do you want to paint next?  As an artist, I’ve been asked that question many times.

Here’s the thing:  Most of the time, I don’t always have perfect clarity of the end results or should I say how the painting will be finished.  Sometimes in the burst of strong inspiration I feel a certain color that speaks to me.  And by the way, color is a big motivator for me.  I can get just a glimpse of a color at just the right time and I am very inspired by it. My creative mind starts to move, my heart is full and I am ready to paint!   It’s fascinating to learn that color does affect us.  Have you ever wondered why some restaurants use a red tablecloth on their tables?  Because red is stimulating.  It can stimulate the appetite.  Black and white are very dominant.  We see these colors in our clergy and our law enforcement.  Interesting huh?  But even when color moves me to create a new painting I still must give up the idea that clarity is something that happens when my first brush stroke hits the canvas.

When my creative process begins, I keep an open mind  & heart to the many possibilities and give up the idea that I  have a perfect plan and clarity.  Its when I stay curious and explore that I find my final destination.  I encourage you to open your mind and heart!.... let it flow! 

Jenny BeComment